Minggu, 14 Juni 2020

On June, 14th – 18th  2020, SPE Hasanuddin University SC announced open recruitment for new staff through Instagram account.  Total of 42 applicants came from various major and batch. All candidates will be interviewed one day after the open recruitment is closed.

The interview session held for two days on June, 19th – 20th  2020. Due to the current condition because the covid-19 pandemic, the interview session was conducted online through the Zoom and Whatsapp Video Call application. Interviewers at that time were the SPE Hasanuddin University SC executive committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and the board of HRD Division. The interview was attended by 41 selected candidates who were interviewed one by one by asking the main questions about their interest in joining SPE Hasanuddin University SC, what division they chose and why they chose the division, their specific skills, and why we had to choose them to join in the SPE Hasanuddin University SC.

After a long discussion, we announced the names of selected candidates who had succeeded in becoming new staff at SPE Unhas SC consisting of 16 persons (batch 2018: 4 persons and batch 2019: 12 persons). Then on June, 26th 2020 SPE Introduction was held as a forum for sharing about Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and getting to know each other between the board and new staff at SPE Hasanuddin University SC. We hope that all selected candidates who become new staff at SPE Hasanuddin University SC can work together to bring SPE to be better.

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