Jumat, 19 Juni 2020

On June 19th, 2020, Nurul Azizah Haris as SPE Hasanuddin University SC President in the previous period received an email from SPE International explaining that SPE Hasanuddin University SC had received the 2020 Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter (PAOSC). This award was the highest award which was only obtained by 5% SPE Student Chapter worldwide.

This award is the third award obtained by SPE Hasanuddin University SC. The previous year, the award was named the Oustanding Student Chapter and changed its name to PAOSC (Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter).

The Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter is the highest and most prestigious award that can be received by an SPE Student Chapter from around the world. And SPE Hasanuddin University SC is one part of the 5% SPE award-winning student chapter. This award is not necessarily achieved but through a process of evaluating the performance of each student chapter every management period which is deemed worthy of receiving an award.

This year the PAOSC awards came from several student chapters around the world, in Indonesia, there were only Hasanuddin University and Bandung Institute of Technology. As boards and staff of SPE Hasanuddin University SC, we are very proud to be able to maintain this award three years in a row after 2018 previously also received the same award.

We are very thankfull to all boards and staff of SPE Hasanuddin University SC who have contributed greatly for the management, and also to SPE Balikpapan Section as our sponsor who always provide support and constructive counsel so that this student chapter can develop rapidly at a very young age.

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Creative, Media and Publication of SPE Unhas SC

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