Jumat, 03 April 2020

On April 3rd 2020, SPE Hasanuddin University SC held an annual work program meeting via “Zoom” application. SPE work meeting begins by Muh. Ali Akbar as Moderator of Working Program Meeting and as Vice President of SPE Hasanuddin University SC 2020. After moderator opens SPE work meeting, Khusnul Khatimah as President talked about last year SPE’s programs and all the organization needed. According to our president, SPE’s program is a master plans that have a function as a compass of duty activity. 

At the last, our president wished for all board member and staff to have a big spirit for working together in SPE Hasanuddin Univrsity SC and also gave appreciated and thanked to all board member who joint work meeting.

            This year meeting also attended by ten former board of SPE Hasanuddin University SC. This meeting begins at 08.00 pm and continued with presentations from each division. The presentations delivered by Head of Division from every division. This work meeting gave chance to all board and staff to delivered opinions and recommendations for all division. SPE work meeting was ended officially by our Vice President as Moderaator, Muh. Ali Akbar at 10..30 pm. And continued by casual conversation.

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