Kamis, 16 April 2020

SPE Webinar is one of events held by SPE International that is routinely held every month. All available material is presented by professionals in their field so it is very interesting to watch. This webinar aims to provide online courses for SPE members and the public on various matters in the oil and gas industry.

Through this webinar event, the board and staff of SPE Unhas SC made use of the facility during the COVID-19 quarantine by participating in several live and on demand webinars starting on 16-29 april 2020. In April there were 7 online courses conducted by SPE International which can be accessed via https://webevents.spe.org/. This online course is free for SPE members and each course provides an online certificate which can be downloaded after participating in the course. The courses that were carried out were conducted almost every day by SPE International making the board and staff of SPE Unhas SC remain productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, SPE Balikpapan Section as a sponsor of SPE Unhas SC and SPE STT Migas SC provides rewards in the form of vouchers to boards and staff who routinely attend the SPE Webinar every week. Through this SPE Webinar, the board and staff of SPE Unhas SC are expected to be able to add insight and knowledge related to the oil and gas industry.

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