Rabu, 08 April 2020

     Marathon Sharing Session organized by IATMI-UK (Ikatan Ahli Perminyakan Indonesia Komisariat United Kingdom) is an online course via Zoom. This activity is supported by SPE Unhas SC and is aimed to students and professionals in Indonesia. This activity aims to provide material and an overview of the oil and gas industry in Indonesia as an activity to remain productive during quarantine due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

    The Marathon Sharing Session was enthusiastically welcomed by many people. This activity does not limit the number of participants and is open for free. The enthusiasm of many people in this activity was very evident with the number of applicants who reached thousands of people from various backgrounds both from students majoring in geosciences to professionals working in various oil companies. This activity start on April, 8th 2020 and ended on May, 5th 2020 and was divided into 13 classes. This online course are held almost every day which are divided into Short Classes which are held almost every day, Open Discussion (April, 25th 2020) and also Career Talks on April, 26th 2020. This activity is filled by professional speakers in their fields and presented in an interesting and using language Indonesian as the main language so that it can be well understood by students and professionals in Indonesia.

In addition, this activity was also special because one of the speakers was Pak Ngurah Benny Setiawan who is a chairman of IATMI-UK. With this activity, it is expected that students, especially the Board and Staff of SPE Unhas SC can remain productive by adding insight into the oil and gas industry in the midst of quarantine due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

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