Senin, 22 Juli 2019

NES Training Program is one of the activities organized by Schlumberger for new employees or Vacation Trainees (VT). VT is a one-month summer internship program for 4-6 semester students. VT is carried out every year in Indonesia and has several test stages until it is finally accepted as VT. Before going to the field or conducting internship for a month, VT will get the NES Training Program. This NES Training is training about HSE (Helath Safety Environment) for 3 consecutive days. 

The first day of the NES Training began at 07.15 WIB with “Schlumberger Company Profile” presented by Ms. Ananta Ruri as Schlumberger Indonesia Recruiting & University Relations Manager. Then at 08.00 WIB the “NEST opening & Safety induction material” with the topic detail was “Welcome, who are you, expectations, rules, where we are headed, and intro to Schlumberger” delivered by Mr. Trieko. After the coffee break, the material was continued by Mr. Kardo namely “Schlumberger SAFE” with the topic detail “Hazard Identification and Risk Control (HARC)”. In addition to material delivered directly by Mr. Adhibar, Trieko and Kardo, there were also Focus Group Discussions and Virtual Reality about HARC. Then proceed with "What can hurt us" divided into 3 parts. Part 1 with topic detail was driving and machinery. Next, part 2 with Dropped Object, Mechanical Lifting, Work at Height, Pressure, Hazardous Materials, and machinery. Each table or team was given one topic then conducted focus group discussions and did some role play aka acting. After lunch, the Part 3 material began with the topic detail of Personal Security, fire, electrical, drugs and alcohol, Fatigue and hands and fingers. Then a coffee break, continued with welcoming speech from FA management by Ms. Jill Zhang Ji. After Video conference, closure for day 1 and prepare to get back to the hotel. 

NEST day 2 started early with 3 teams were doing Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base walk around guided Ms. Ananta Ruri until 8 am. Then, continued by Mr. Adhibar and Mr. Kardo with topic detail about Health, first aid, and environment. The session was about an hour and 30 minutes and then coffee break until 10.30 am WIB. At 10.30 the session continued with “What can protect us” and the topic detail was Schlumberger SAFE Rules by Mr. Kardo and Mr. Adhibar until 11.15 am WIB. The next session was still “What can protect us” but the topic detail was Schlumberger SAFE tools, like PPE, Pre job meeting, HARC, Stop the job, Pocket HARC, 5x5, Positive reinforcement, LOTO, and PWT. Again, each group were doing focus group discussion and then practicing the case into the scenario, we were becoming an actor and actress. That was fun to be honest. Then, lunch break. When lunch break, bunch of students were having lunch in the canteen and some of them in the meeting room. QUEST, RIR, and O/Is was started at 13.00 pm WIB until 14.30 pm WIB by Mr. Kardo and Adhibar. The session was continued with Individual challenge and team challenge with assessment using cas studies. Some students were doing virtual reality to identify the hazards. And that was the end of day 2. 

Day 3 was quite same as day 2, stated early with 3 teams were doing walk around in Schulmberger Cikarang Integrated Base (CIB) guided by Ms. Ananta Ruri until 08.00 am WIB. Then, the next session was Schlumberger Injury Prevention Program (SIPP) by Mr. Kardo, Mr. Adhibar, and Mr. Trieko. We were doing SIPP the whole day until 15.00 pm WIB. We were practicing a lot in day 3, like strolling around in the office and practicing about how to do side stepping, smart grip, how to lift something, and so much more. Day 3 was amazing. Then, after coffee break at 3 am, we were doing video conference with Mr. Rob Algie to deliver closing statement of NES Training. Then, we were taking some photos outside the building and going back to hotel and prep for dinner. Dinner was started at 07.00 pm WIB, and handing out of certificates by Ms. Ananta Ruri. Dinner and networking were so great.

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