Senin, 22 Juli 2019

This workshop for computational physics was held on 22 July 2019 at the Lecture Theater II of Hasanuddin University. The organizer of this activity material is Ali Hamzah who is the Chair of the Department of Geophysics FMIPA UNHAS. The purpose of this Workshop is to introduce a computing application called Python. Not only introducing python, he also taught how to operate in Python. He also explained the basic differences between Python and Matlab, which is a simpler programming language, but there are some syntaxes in Matlab that are still used in Python. Mr. Ali also said that if he was new to Python and that is why he held this workshop to introduce Python so that students can learn more deeply.

Python is a programming language that is currently popular with various companies in Indonesia because its programming language is easier, shorter and simpler when compared to matlab. Python currently has many versions that can be used and the best to use is Python 3.7.4 because it is the most recent version. Python application itself can be downloaded at

In this workshop, Mr. Ali introduced an application called Anaconda. Why Anaconda? By using the Anaconda application, installation and use of Python is easier. One of the advantages of Anaconda is that it has several features that will make it easier to create a program. These features include JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebook, Qt Console, Spyder, Glueviz, Orange, RStudio and VS Code. Another advantage is that Anaconda users are no longer difficult to learn Python because in this application already available media that can help in learning the Python programming language. There is a lot of material related to the Python programming language in the Anaconda Application. 

The conclusion of this workshop is that Python is a new programming language that is currently popular and widely used in Indonesia can be easily learned by using the Anaconda application. Anaconda makes it easier about users to operate using Python with the advantages they have, as long as Anaconda users can take advantage of these advantages, then operating in Python will be fun.

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