Sabtu, 11 Mei 2019

In developing skills and understanding in terms of hard Skills SPE Balikpapan section conducts a short lecture activity through the webinar by raising a topic titled A Level approach to maximize the value of a Seismic data Noise 4D in the carbonate reservoir. This Webinar was enthusiastically accepted and was also a challenge for members of the Balikpapan SPE section, namely SPE Unhas SC and SPE STT Migas SC. In addition to being a very new thing in the field that we learned earlier in the classroom, This webinar is also brought to the pace by the ekspert of Heriot-watt University Mrs Wong LJ. 

We are especially members of SPE Unhas SC are very excited to follow the webinar from Mrs Wong LJ, this is seen from the number of members who attended about 20 people Although there are some of us who are following the lecture in each class. Likewise also during the question and answer session, some of us also ask about the material that it brings. 

It is not only the academic knowledge we have gained in this activity. Indirectly we can feel the atmosphere of new lecture with the participants who have different fields with us. This kind of activity we would expect and we strive to be repeated with a topic of discussion and an ekspert that is much more interesting. We also thank Mr. Arasy Who has been the main facilitator in the implementation of this webinar and also thanks to members of the SPE STT Migas SC who took the time to join the event yesterday.

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