Minggu, 19 Mei 2019

The month of Ramadan is the right momentum to build togetherness, synergity and relationship between the staffs and board of SPE Unhas SC internally and with external parties. This moment of Ramadan is utilized by SPE Unhas SC to collaborate with HMGI region V (Regional Geophysical Student Association V) to develop a high religious tolerance attitude also to strengthen the relationship between students. The activity of SPE Cares (Ifthor Jama'i) was joined with the Iftar event with Children orphanage Nurul Qadri, Jl. Independence Pioneer VI Tamalanrea Makassar. 

In addition to the Board and Staff and the parties from HMGI, also attended the Faculty Advisor of SPE Unhas SC, Mr. Sabrianto Aswad.

The activity begins with several remarks from the orphanage mother who give appreciation and gratitude to SPE Unhas SC and HMGI who have taken the time to share and provide compensation to the children of orphanages that he thinks is very Provide extraordinary benefits and positive energy both from the student and from the orphanage. 

The greeting was continued by the president of SPE Unhas SC Ms. Nurul Azizah Haris, he explained that the event of granting compensation and iftar together was attended by 50 orphans of the foundation Nurul Qadri. "We thank all parties who have supported the implementation of today's activities. This is part of our sense of sharing as a nation's child who has a high concern for others ", he concluded. 

The event ends with Iftar and Maghrib joint. At around 18.50 WITA, the event was closed with prayers and photos with the orphanage children. This activity is expected to bring a great benefit that is the devotion of students to the community. Specifically, the interwoven relationship between the internal parties of SPE Unhas SC with HMGI region V.

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