Selasa, 02 April 2019

On Tuesday, april 2nd 2019, SPE Unhas SC held a socialization of the introduction of student chapters (SC) as a first step to introduce the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) to students as a forum to make large relations, especially in the oil and gas industry. 

The SPE Introduction started at 16.00 pm. Located in the 2nd floor TNR building, Geophysics Department, Hasanuddin University. The socialization was opened directly by Muh. Ali Akbar as the moderator, and the speaker was filled by Ms. Nurul Azizah Haris as President of the SPE Hasanuddin University SC 2019 and former president Mr. Muh. Rezky Ariansyah. 

The first material was delivered directly by Mr. Muh. Rezky Ariansyah who introduced the Society of Petroleum (SPE) in general. Include history, activities carried out, organizational structure in SPE International from the highest to the smallest part (student chapter). And the great benefits students can get in this organization. Mr. Ari also gave a little talk about the extraordinary benefits he had gained while joining the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). 

After discussing SPE in general, the introduction of the SPE Unhas SC was continued by Ms. Nurul Azizah Haris who is the current President. The material discussed is the introduction of SPE Unhas SC specifically which is one of the organizations as well as a place to provide learning opportunities for Hasanuddin University students to learn about the development of the oil and gas industry. 

Ms. Nurul also introduced nine divisions at the SPE Hasanuddin University SC, including newly formed divisions as well as goals and activities that were intellectually carried out by each division. They are Human Resources Development (HRD), Research and Competition (RnC), External Affairs, Finance, Multimedia, Journalist, Event, Associate and Education Training. 

He also introduced the symbol of this student chapter. "Trust to expand" is a symbol of the SPE Unhas SC since the first period, which aims to build the spirit of members in working together in an organization. This organization is one that can build and develop professional skills. 

Even though the socialization was held in the afternoon, the SPE Introduction activities continued well because the presenters brought the material very well and responsively so that the participants felt comfortable. The participants were very enthusiastic to ask about the SPE Unhas SC to find out about the SPE Unhas SC further and their questions were answered directly by the speakers so as to give participants a better understanding of the SPE of Hasanuddin University SC. 

The last session was closed by providing information about open recruitment staff that will be implemented soon, also informed that SPE Balikpapan Section had opened an educational assistance scholarships for staff and active board members of SPE Unhas SC. 

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