Sabtu, 27 April 2019

The mini workshop activity which is a routine activity carried out at the change of new management in the SPE Hasanuddin University SC was held again. On April 27, 2019, we were visited by Mr. Arasy Az Zariat, Ms. Gitani Tsalitsah Dahnil and Ms. Dian Dwi Andiani. The main objective of this mini workshop is to introduce the new board of SPE Hasanuddin University SC, prepare plans for future activities and also annual activity reports submitted by the President of SPE Hasanuddin University SC in the management of the previous period. 

The mini workshop started at 8.00 am. It was opened directly by Ms. Dian as SPE SC Liaison. After she delivered her remarks, the presentation continued with Mr. Rezky Ariansyah who delivered his annual report on what they had achieved during the management period. He also expressed the obstacles they experienced and the awards they received from from SPE International were "Outstanding Student Chapter". 

After Mr. Rezky’s presentation, then the material was delivered by Ms. Gita about Growth and Development for student chapters. Not much was said by Ms. Gita, she only conveyed great hopes that were delegated by the section to the student chapter for the new management. She explained clearly the challenges that must be passed for new boards such as the ability to communicate, English language skills, coordination skills and the current state of the oil and gas industry. Ms. Gita also explained the targets that must be achieved by student chapters for new management and development plans in 2019. 

The boards and new staff of the SPE Hasanuddin University SC were re-introduced to the history of SPE International by Mr. Arasy. The SPE International was built in 1871, turned out to have a long history so that it could become one of the largest international petroleum organizations in the world. Because this organization is global, Mr. Arasi explained about the division of SPE regions based on certain regions. For example, for Sections in Indonesia, enter the Asia Pasific region. Then this region is divided into 3 sections, named Java, Balikpapan and Sumatra. For SPE Hasanuddin University SC is in the Balikpapan Section. 

Mr. Arasy in his explanation also delivered the programs to be implemented by the SPE Balikpapan Section, named ALP, SPE-SEA, SPE APOGCE, SPE-USP and EIPS. In each activity carried out each has advantages for students. One of the biggest that students can get is meet proffesionals (local and foreigners). 

Mr. Arasy also reminded the board and staff about the routine tasks to be carried out, Those are annual event program and budget and also mothly report. He also suggested to the board and staff who want to participate in a competition to give a notification letter to the section that was signed by the Faculty Advisor. Also warned to learn to make sponsorship proposal for activities to be carried out. 

Then, the mini workshop was continued with the presentation of the working programs by the new SPE Hasanuddin University SC President, Ms. Nurul Azizah Haris. She delivered work programs that have been designed by each division of SPE Hasanuddin University SC. 

The mini workshop was closed with a question and answer session with section parties and boards. The section also provides constructive suggestions for the progress of the work program in the management of the current period. 

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