Sabtu, 27 April 2019

If usually the theme of Guest Lecture held by the SPE Hasanuddin University SC related to the oil and gas industry, there is something different about this time. The theme of this Guest Lecture is related to investment. On April 27 2019, Mr. Arasy with his casual style but serious, introducing students about the importance of investing early. 

Guest lecture with the theme "Invest Your Future" begins with Mr. Arasy self-introduction. Next, he began the material with advice about saving money. He said that there are times when we draw up a financial plan in order to realize a goal, such as, buying a home in the future, funding an administration, and also start a business. He said that investing can help us to realize these financial goals. 

When we are young, our focus is more often divided into working on many things, such as activities in various fields. While focusing on other things such as continuing education to a higher level or while building a career, we can start investing, so that money can work for us. 

Along with technological developments, Mr. Arasy introduced several applications that are commonly used by the younger generation to do online transaction. For example, Bukalapak, Tokopedia,, etc. The application turned out to be used to invest. However, gave some advices to students to invest through several applications that are intended for investment activities such as Reksadana and Bibit. 

By investing, we can create new financial resources because investment gives us the opportunity to add value to our money. Different when we save, which in fact our money will not increase in value, not to mention if there is inflation. By investing, the value of our money will increase. When our investment funds generate interest, that interest is the advantage for us. Therefore, in the end we can get new financial resources as a source of our income. 

Mr. Arasy also warned students not to try to make debt online or make credit cards because it can makes us miserable in the future. 

The material for the guest lecture was closed with a question session. There were 3 questioners who were given opportunity to ask Mr. Arasy, they are Riana Trisartika, De Leonard and Aulia Puji. They asked about ways to invest through the applications described by Mr. Arasy and also saving tips for students who have less living costs. 

The conclusion from the material of this Guest Lecture was, when we save or just hold our money, the money we save will not work for us and our money will not increase in value from what we has been saved. Different when we invest, the funds we invest will generate additional money from the interest that it produced.

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