Rabu, 01 Agustus 2018

MakassarOn June 8th 2018, our President and some of our member come to an event called "Ngabuburit - Buka Bersama Komunitas" as the representative of SPE Unhas SC for #PKM2018. In this event, there are about 64 communities (listed and attended) from all around Makassar with 100+ participants. The purpose of this event is to strengthen and make a good relations between all the attended community also as the preparation for the biggest annual community event in Makassar, Pesta Komunitas Makassar. Ngabuburit with #PKM2018 was held in Go Food Festival, Karebosi Link and sponsored by Gojek Indonesia.
Pesta Komunitas Makassar (PKM) is a forum for all communities in Makassar to collaborate and form a real action. In last PKM, there are around 200+ communities that participate in this event with 20000+ visitors for 2 days in the day of the event. And for this year, SPE Unhas SC get a honour to become one of the commitee for PKM 2018.

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