Selasa, 03 Juli 2018

After 16 times of classroom meetings, that has a lot of discussion and practice. It's time to look and test our understanding from the classroom meetings by do a TOEFL ‘Prediction’ test. Although this test is only prediction, but we follow the rule seriously and Mr. Darwin make this test as real as it can be for TOEFL test. The test starts at  04.00 p.m starting with the first session, that is listening session. In this session the ability of hearing is very reliable to get the right answer on the matter. This listening test lasts for 35 minutes with 50 questions.
               The next session is structure and written expression session. For this session, the available time is only 25 minutes for 40 questions. And the next session is reading comprehension session. In this session, some paragraphs should be understood to answer the questions, the ability to read quickly is very reliable in this session. For this session the available time is only 55 minutes with 50 questions available.
               After the test, Mr. Darwin show us the right answer from this test so that all particpants can see measure their score. In the end, our president, Muh Resky Ariansyah got the highest score with 510 TOEFL score.

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