Minggu, 26 November 2017

On October 29th 2017, SPE Unhas Student Chapter held the another event called  “Ambassador Lecture Program (ALP) 2017”. ALP was a series program that we used to held every year. This year on ALP 2017 series, we would held 3 series of ALP. On the 1st ALP 2017 series, our theme was “Development Geologi and Reserves Calculation” with our special speaker Mr. Argo Wuryanto as Development Geologist from Total E&P Indonesie. The total of participants in this event were around 40 participants from any kind of major and all over university in Makassar. The main purpose to held the event is to share more knowledge about development geologi and reserves calculation from our speaker to all participants.
The main event started at 10.00 WITA, but our participant started to came to Science Building 2nd Floor at 8.00 WITA. That show how much they wanted to know and how much anthusiasm they had for this event. At the exact 9.45 WITA, the event opened by the MC, Lia Karepesina. Then continued with opening speech from project manager of this event, Muh. Syarwan Hamid and then another speech by Head of Geophysics Department Universitas Hasanuddin, Mr. Dr. Muh. Altin Massinai, MT. Surv. that opened the event officially.

The next session were the lecture as the main session. The lecture been lead by Muhammad Nasri as the moderator and Mr. Argo Wuryanto as the speaker. He taught all participants about his specialty on development geology in common. After all, mostly our participants were from Geophysics 2016 major. In Q&A session, Mr. Argo Wuryanto got several questions and 2 of the questions were from SPE STT Migas Student Chapter. They’ve been watched the whole event via skype.

After moderator closed the main session, the event was taken back by MC and followed by giving “Momento” as a symbolize appreciation to Mr. Argo Wuryanto, this also be the symbolize to closed the session for this 1st ALP Series 2017.

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