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 Several days ago, SPE Unhas SC being honorary because the new title holder of President SPE International 2017, Janeen Judah, was coming to visiting us in Hasanuddin University, Makassar. So that’s why, on 25th February 2017 we have been made a free seminar with the themed “Sharing the future outlook of oil and gas industries” to everyone who wanted to join us and listened to Mrs. Judah who shared her thought about the seminar themed. The seminar took place at IPTEKS Building and began to open the registration at 08.00 a.m.

The event started by showing “Paduppa dance” is a traditional dance from Sulawesi. And then opened by the MC, Syarwan Hamid and Nurita Dwi Puspitasari they looked gorgeous by their traditional costume “Baju Bodo”. Then welcoming speech by the president of SPE Unhas SC, Dewi Rahma Ahmadi. And officially opened by Mr. Syamsuddin as the representative of Dean of Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty who unable to attend the event.

The next session of the event is working program presentation by the vice president of SPE Unhas SC, A.Armansyah. He showed and told the attendant about the project and achievement that SPE UNHAS SC has been got. And also showed the video and told to them, why they should join in SPE Unhas SC.

And then, the series of an event moved to the main session, it is the president lecture by Mrs. Judah. She told us her thought about the current conditions of oil and gas industries. And then she shared to us about the general carrier tips if we wanted to work in oil and gas industries. She told us that we need 3E’s, they are Excellence, Endurance, and also Empowering ourself and others. We need to be good at our job and also have a good technical skills. We also need to be unique from another candidate and want to opened for a new experience. It’s also a plus point to us if we have a good presentation skills especially in English presentation and used to have the line experienced. So that’s why she said that we need to build up networking and making a good reputation since now on.

The closed session from the main session is Question and Answer session. The session being lead by the moderator, Muh Resky Ariansyah. There were several questions being asked to Mrs. Judah. But, the question from Mr. Sabrianto is the interesting one. He asked that, oil isn’t renewable energy so it could be stock off in the future, that’s why people began to try to research the new energy source like renewable energy. He asked to Mrs. Judah what her thought about that. Didn’t she thought that oil and gas industries would die in the future because people began to move on to use the new energy. But Mrs. Judah said that oil and gas industries would never die, ‘cause every industry have their field and segment. And that also happen in OnG and Renewable Energy industries.

The next session is Launching “Perpustakaan Mini” by Mr. Sabrianto as the Faculty Advisor. It’s a merger project from 3 Student Chapter in Unhas. They are SPE, SEG, and also EAGE. The project officially launched when Mr. Sabrianto and Mrs. Judah cutted the “Nasi Tumpeng” together. Mr. Sabrianto joked and told Mrs. Judah that “Nasi Tumpeng” isn’t “Volcano Rice” even though it’s looked like it. And after that, we were announced the winner of Petro selfie challenge. We also showed to the attendant, traditional song by Psychology Faculty choir. The next session is closing by the MCs. But it isn’t the end of the seminar. We still did the photo sessions with Mrs. Judah. It is for the winner of Petro selfie challenge, board member of SPE Unhas SC, and also for all the participants.

Our togetherness with Mrs. Judah is not just like that. We also took Mrs. Judah to touring our campus. We brought her to our geophysics laboratory. And showed to her how we learned and operated the geophysicist program. 

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  1. This is really great news that i read here i would like to say Thank you for sharing it with us!


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