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Research and development for technical issues in petroleum industry mostly begin in the university that required capable students in those fields. Technical skill, soft skill, and other related skills are needed to work professionally but also become a challenge for both graduate and undergraduate that want to persue a career in petroleum industry. Based on this reality, a solution is needed to balance the needs of industry with university. Society of Petroleum Engineers Unhas SC held IPEXC (Integrated Petroleum Exhibition And Competition) on 17th – 19th November 2016 with theme YOUNG GENERATION IN PETROLEUM INDUSTRY with objective to develop human resources especially young generation to have a good ability and capabilities related to petroleum industry and also to establish a good relationship and sharing knowledge among expert in the petroleum industry, students and community. This event sponsored by Total E&P Indonesie, SAKA pangkah Limited, and SPE Balikpapan Section as diamond sponsor, Pertamina ONWJ, Pertamina WMO and Medco Energy as bronze sponsor for this event.
Integrated Petroleum Exhibition and Competition (IPEXC) 2016 opened with traditional dance from Humanities students of Hasanuddin University and continued with speech by Project Manager of IPEXC SPE Unhas SC 2016; Albertus pakalla, President of SPE Unhas SC; Ikawati Basri, and official opened by Dr. Andi Ilham Latunra S.Si M.Si. IPEXC 2016 is the first annual event from SPE Unhas SC since this Student Chapter was estabilished on 1st October 2014. Ikawati Basri in her speech hope this event can be a platform to introduce Petroleum Industry generally, and give a clear insight about chance to have a future careers in this industry to students in University, especially Hasanuddin University. And also, Albertus Pakalla as Project manager trust that this event will give many advantages for all participants and also all committees that made this event established. He also explain that IPEXC 2016 divided in some sub-evet, that is career talk and opening, Case study competition and paper seminar, city tour dan gala dinner as closing of IPEXC SPE Unhas 2016.
Positive response comes from academicians of Hasanuddin University for this event, 3rd vice dean mathematics and Natural Science Faculty as representative Rector of Hasanuddin University in this event, explain that this event will bring many advantages for all participants and committees and also for Hasanuddin University’s’ Family. Professional and positive competitors mindset will develop from this event and will open students’ insight by sharing knowledge and experience from professionals in their fields from career talks. Mr. Muh. Altin Massinai as head of Geophysics Study Program agree with Mr. Andi Ilham and support students to held positive events and recommend the student to take as much the benefit for theirselves.
Theme of Career Talk IPEXC 2016 is “Challenge to establish a Career in Petroleum Industry: An Expert Sharing”. Mr. Agus Santoso as HR Manager PGN Saka Pangkah Limited, as first speaker give the description to participant about important principal that needed to face their future career. “Nowadays many people only talks about problem without solution. Whereas, the real important thing needed is: how to solve the problem? But, only there a little count of people has been thought to solve the problem. We need to learn to be a problem solver to build up this country and this is a great attitude that needed to reach our goals, as massage from Mr. Agus Santoso.
And Also, Mr.Randi strongly agree with Mr. Agus and ask for students to apply the knowledge from Mr. Agus before, and as additional suggestions, he prompt all participant to make their long term dan short term planning, because this is also important for their future. This event attended by 105 participant from several background and university in Indonesia. This event, closed with photo sessions and giving memento to speakers.
The series event of IPEXC SPE Unhas SC 2016 continued with training software Interactive Petrophysics as part of case study competition themed,” Formation Evaluations: Unlocking for new reservoir and new opportunities”. Participant of this event that is two team from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), 2 team from Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Minyak dan Gas (STT Migas) Balikpapan and 2 team from Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS) Makassar. The training finished on 15.30 WITA and continued with city tour (Trip to Makassar) to introduce all about Makassar for all participant. There are several place visited, such as Monumen of Mandala as historical site. monumen of Mandala is the tower building in the center of Makassar City. There are dioramas and relief of West Irian (Papua) redemption. And continued Losari beach as icon of Makassar and others place. On Saturday, 19th November 2016 as competition and closing day of IPEXC SPE Unhas SC 2016. The competition start from 08.30 WITA at Hasanuddin University. The competition for case study start with processing of well data and at the same time held paper seminar. On 13.30 WITA held presentation formation evaluation result of case study’s participants and closed at 17.00 WITA.
IPEXC SPE Unhas SC 2016 closed with Gala Dinner as places to sharing and knowing among all participants and committees of IPEXC SPE Unhas 2016. Moreover, this event combined with announcement the winner of Competition. First team of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) as 3rd winner, the 2nd winner is first team of Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Minyak dan Gas (STT Migas) and the 1st winner from second team of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Albertus Pakalla as project manager give his gratitude for all participants of IPEXC SPE Unhas SC and special thanks’ for all committees that made this event successfully.

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