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BOREYES International Energy Fair 2016

On March 2016 SPE Hasanuddin University Student Chapter participated BOREYES International Energy Fair 2016 Held by SPE Padjadjaran University Student Chapter, Jatinangor, West Java. Departing on Thursday 3 March 2016 at 15:00 p.m, SPE Unhas SC team consist of Laode Marzujriban, Ikawati Basri, and Dewi Rahma Ahmadi arrived on the airport at 17:00 p.m and joined with the other delegations from Diponegoro University, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Institute of Technology Sepuluh November Surabaya, Institute of Technology Bandung, and Trisakti University to follow the series of event during three days, from Friday to Sunday.

BOREYES International Energy Fair 2016

At the first day, delegates from all universities attending seminars and careers talk, followed by a technical meeting in the evening. After attending the technical meeting, all delegates returned to the hotel and prepare for competition in the next day. There are three competitions at this event that, is paper competition, poster competition, and smart competition. SPE Unhas SC only participated paper competition by sending two teams. The first team is Laode Marzujibran and Ikawati Basri, and the second team is Dewi Rahma Ahmadi.
After competition from morning till evening, all delegates again gathered for gala dinner and followed by announcement for the winners in competition. In the smart competition 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners is delegation from ITB, Trisakti, and Padjadjaran University. In the otherwhere Teams of delegates Undip and ITB get the first and second winner the poster competition. While on paper competition, one of pride for SPE Unhas SC because any one team into its delegation Laode Marzujibran and Ikawati Basri be a first Winner at this event and was followed by a team from ITB delegation as the second winner.

SPE Unhas Got 1st for Paper Competition at BOREYES International Energy Fair 2016

Continuing the euphoria of the previous day, this time on the third day all delegates are invited to out bond, followed by a city tour which also became closing all activities in Boreyes International Energy Fair 2016.

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