Sabtu, 27 Februari 2016

Saturday 20th February 2016 Held Distinguished Lecture by Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter Hasanuddin University with the theme "Using Engineered Fiber Pills to Cure lossses in Carbonate Formation-Deep Water Offshore Kenya". Present as the speaker is Mr. Michael Awalt who is Operations Service Manager / Business Development Manager at Schlumberger Company. This event was also attended by SPE Balikpapan Section, Faculty Advisor SPE UNHAS SC, and chairman of the Hasanuddin University's Geophysical Studies Program.

Distinguished Lecture

Distinguished Lecture held at the 3rd floor (Senate Room) Science Building Faculty of Mathematics and natural sciences (FMIPA) Hasanuddin University. Started at 09.00 this event was opened by the Chairman of Geophysical Studies Program Dr. Muhammad Altin Massinai MT.Surv. There are 42 participant from several universities and studies program who attend this event. The session of the Distinguished Lecture divided by two session, the first is sharing session about "using engineered fiber pills to cure losses in carbonate Formation Offshore" and the second session is question and answer, in which participants given time to ask the materi which is not understand by participant. The participants were so eager to learn by asking many questions.

This Distinguished Lecture ended at 11.00 a.m after submission momento by faculty advisor SPE SC Hasanuddin University Mr. Sabrianto Aswad S.Si M.T  to Michael Awalt as a lecturer. Finally, this Distinguished Lecture gave us another way of learning and it is very helpful for the students to learn more.

Distinguished Lecture

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  1. I always love to see and watch lectures online to get something new to learn from them. So pleasing and alluring to see you there attending the lecture and doing well.

  2. This is a great venue. I was here for a party and there was so much food and it was all done so well! The decor and food both were amazing. Personally, I think the space at San Francisco venues is laid out really well and the size of the venue keeps pulling great parties.


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