Senin, 25 Januari 2016

At 16-19 December 2015, SPE UNHAS Student Chapter held Workshop with theme Basic Log Interpretation. The event take place at 2nd Floor Science Building Mathematic and Science, Hasanuddin University. The Workshop starts at 10.00 A.M until 16.00 P.M. As Instructor for this workshop is Mr. Rombe Miting whom Retired Schlumberger Logging Engineer/Analysis.

The workshop it self devided into three session every day. The first one is introducing about logging, include about Open Hole which talked in first day, Cased Hole which talked in Second Day, Production Logging which talked in Third Day dan Evaluation of Rock Formation which talked in Last Day. The Second session, Mr. Rombe Miting give some Exercise to the Participant. Here the participant let doing the exercise and solve the problems  by themself. There are different level in every exercise. Such us easy level in First day, Medium in Second and Third day, and High in Last day. The last one is Q&A session. The enthusiasm is quite high, given a lot of participant raise hand to ask question.

This workshop ends after Mr. Muh. Altin Massinai, MT. Surv as Head of Geofisika Program Study, Mathematics and Science, Hasanuddin University give Momento to Mr. Rombe Miting. In his Closing Pidato, he thank to Mr. Rombe Miting to share his knowledge and also experience to all of the participant. He also say that event like this must be held continue.

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