Sabtu, 04 April 2015

Trans – Kutai - Makassar Strait
Western Sulawesi Geology

MAKASSAR- Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Hasanuddin University Student Chapter had held a plan Lecture with theme Trans-Kutai-Makassar Strait by inviting chief staff of SKK MIGAS, Awang Harun Satyana as Lecturer, it was held at 2nd floor of Science Building Hasanuddin University. This lecture also attended by Sabrianto Aswad as Faculty Advisor of SPE UNHAS SC, Syamsuddin as Physic Department Secretary, Altin Massinai and other Geophysics lecturers of Hasanuddin University.

Delta Mahakam is a strategic spot for petroleum system because Delta Mahakam has a great sedimentation system and Delta Mahakam is an area which has a sloping topography so precipitated rocks bring out both organic and non-organic element which is a former element of petroleum and also involved sediment in that area will ripe on involved sediment process. Whereas Makassar Straits has a steep topography and faces directly to the sea so formed sediment does not bring out former element of petroleum.

Makassar Strait is unreadable seismic due to an exist rifting from Australia from east line of Sulawesi so that stops rifting in Makassar Straits area. And under Makassar straits, there are many horts and graben as a result of extension force.

“Right Understanding about regional geology right step of exploration”,a quote, is repeatedly expresses by chief staff of SKK MIGAS. The quote is addressed to Guest Lecture’s participants who will join in exploration field. Mr. Satyana stated that if someone will affiliate in exploration field, they have to know a geology history for getting the best exploration yield

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