Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2019

Active organizing does not have to be done on campus only. This also underlies SPE Unhas SC to join and play an active role in Pesta Komunitas Makassar event, held by Makassar Creative & Community Network (MCCN) every year. 

This activity aims to introduce various kinds of communities and organizations in all fields in the city of Makassar. Registered communities can take part in exhibitions of works and promotions of the community and its organization when this activity takes place later in Rotterdam Fort, August 24th-25th, 2019. 

This time SPE Unhas SC took part in this event by being represented by 3 board members and entering various divisions in this activity, one of them was the documentation division. 

Before the event is carried out, of course, various things must be prepared by the committee and the community who joined it. So that on Saturday, July 20, 2019 a big meeting was held at Kedai Pojok Adhyaksa, and was attended by representatives of SPE Unhas SC. In this meeting, it was discussed about the extent of preparations that had been made in each division. There are event, documentation, consumption, public relations, and fundraising divisions. 

The Meeting went well and community representatives actively asked about the continuity of this activity later. One of the issues discussed at the meeting was the placement of both for communities to exhibit their works and promote their communities. For one of the two agreed upon, shared by 2-3 communities at the time of the exhibition and for the community that exhibited animals and plants have provided space in one of the mini fields in Fort Rotterdam. 

Later in this event various family games will also be held which are intended for all visitors of the exhibition. This was also discussed at a big meeting yesterday. 

This big meeting ended with all participants, both the committee and representatives of the community and organization invited to take photos together and greetings.

Jumat, 26 Juli 2019

On July 26-27, 2019, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Hasanuddin University held The 3rd International Conference on Science (The 3rd ICOS) which was held at the Four Point Hotel by Sheraton Makassar, Indonesia. The conference with the theme "Development on Science Towards Better Quality of Life" is a routine agenda every two years which is participated by several countries in the world.
The purpose of this conference is to promote research in of science, technology and also health.  This activity presented 4 core speakers, including:
1.      Ocky Karna Radjasa (Ministry of Research, Techology and Higher Education of The Republic of Indonesia)
2.      Ian R. Young (Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne, Austalia)
3.      Jalifah binti Latip (Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Kebangsaan Malaysia)
4.      Ken Seng Tan (Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, Canada)
The series of events that have been carried out are seminars on July 26, then on July 27 followed by a presentation of the research paper of each participant who was declared to have passed the selection and fulfilled the provisions of the predetermined standard format.
The 3rd ICOS was attended by several Boards of Society of Petroleum Engineers Hasanuddin University Student Chapter (SPE Unhas SC) who were all geophysics students.  They are the Board of the class of 2016 and 2017. Students who present the results of their research are 6 people with different research.
 The head of the department and the secretary of the geophysics study program greatly appreciated students who took part in such prestigious activities because they trained students' courage and mentality to show their potential while carrying the University's reputation, especially its study program.

Senin, 22 Juli 2019

NES Training Program is one of the activities organized by Schlumberger for new employees or Vacation Trainees (VT). VT is a one-month summer internship program for 4-6 semester students. VT is carried out every year in Indonesia and has several test stages until it is finally accepted as VT. Before going to the field or conducting internship for a month, VT will get the NES Training Program. This NES Training is training about HSE (Helath Safety Environment) for 3 consecutive days. 

The first day of the NES Training began at 07.15 WIB with “Schlumberger Company Profile” presented by Ms. Ananta Ruri as Schlumberger Indonesia Recruiting & University Relations Manager. Then at 08.00 WIB the “NEST opening & Safety induction material” with the topic detail was “Welcome, who are you, expectations, rules, where we are headed, and intro to Schlumberger” delivered by Mr. Trieko. After the coffee break, the material was continued by Mr. Kardo namely “Schlumberger SAFE” with the topic detail “Hazard Identification and Risk Control (HARC)”. In addition to material delivered directly by Mr. Adhibar, Trieko and Kardo, there were also Focus Group Discussions and Virtual Reality about HARC. Then proceed with "What can hurt us" divided into 3 parts. Part 1 with topic detail was driving and machinery. Next, part 2 with Dropped Object, Mechanical Lifting, Work at Height, Pressure, Hazardous Materials, and machinery. Each table or team was given one topic then conducted focus group discussions and did some role play aka acting. After lunch, the Part 3 material began with the topic detail of Personal Security, fire, electrical, drugs and alcohol, Fatigue and hands and fingers. Then a coffee break, continued with welcoming speech from FA management by Ms. Jill Zhang Ji. After Video conference, closure for day 1 and prepare to get back to the hotel. 

NEST day 2 started early with 3 teams were doing Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base walk around guided Ms. Ananta Ruri until 8 am. Then, continued by Mr. Adhibar and Mr. Kardo with topic detail about Health, first aid, and environment. The session was about an hour and 30 minutes and then coffee break until 10.30 am WIB. At 10.30 the session continued with “What can protect us” and the topic detail was Schlumberger SAFE Rules by Mr. Kardo and Mr. Adhibar until 11.15 am WIB. The next session was still “What can protect us” but the topic detail was Schlumberger SAFE tools, like PPE, Pre job meeting, HARC, Stop the job, Pocket HARC, 5x5, Positive reinforcement, LOTO, and PWT. Again, each group were doing focus group discussion and then practicing the case into the scenario, we were becoming an actor and actress. That was fun to be honest. Then, lunch break. When lunch break, bunch of students were having lunch in the canteen and some of them in the meeting room. QUEST, RIR, and O/Is was started at 13.00 pm WIB until 14.30 pm WIB by Mr. Kardo and Adhibar. The session was continued with Individual challenge and team challenge with assessment using cas studies. Some students were doing virtual reality to identify the hazards. And that was the end of day 2. 

Day 3 was quite same as day 2, stated early with 3 teams were doing walk around in Schulmberger Cikarang Integrated Base (CIB) guided by Ms. Ananta Ruri until 08.00 am WIB. Then, the next session was Schlumberger Injury Prevention Program (SIPP) by Mr. Kardo, Mr. Adhibar, and Mr. Trieko. We were doing SIPP the whole day until 15.00 pm WIB. We were practicing a lot in day 3, like strolling around in the office and practicing about how to do side stepping, smart grip, how to lift something, and so much more. Day 3 was amazing. Then, after coffee break at 3 am, we were doing video conference with Mr. Rob Algie to deliver closing statement of NES Training. Then, we were taking some photos outside the building and going back to hotel and prep for dinner. Dinner was started at 07.00 pm WIB, and handing out of certificates by Ms. Ananta Ruri. Dinner and networking were so great.
This workshop for computational physics was held on 22 July 2019 at the Lecture Theater II of Hasanuddin University. The organizer of this activity material is Ali Hamzah who is the Chair of the Department of Geophysics FMIPA UNHAS. The purpose of this Workshop is to introduce a computing application called Python. Not only introducing python, he also taught how to operate in Python. He also explained the basic differences between Python and Matlab, which is a simpler programming language, but there are some syntaxes in Matlab that are still used in Python. Mr. Ali also said that if he was new to Python and that is why he held this workshop to introduce Python so that students can learn more deeply.

Python is a programming language that is currently popular with various companies in Indonesia because its programming language is easier, shorter and simpler when compared to matlab. Python currently has many versions that can be used and the best to use is Python 3.7.4 because it is the most recent version. Python application itself can be downloaded at

In this workshop, Mr. Ali introduced an application called Anaconda. Why Anaconda? By using the Anaconda application, installation and use of Python is easier. One of the advantages of Anaconda is that it has several features that will make it easier to create a program. These features include JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebook, Qt Console, Spyder, Glueviz, Orange, RStudio and VS Code. Another advantage is that Anaconda users are no longer difficult to learn Python because in this application already available media that can help in learning the Python programming language. There is a lot of material related to the Python programming language in the Anaconda Application. 

The conclusion of this workshop is that Python is a new programming language that is currently popular and widely used in Indonesia can be easily learned by using the Anaconda application. Anaconda makes it easier about users to operate using Python with the advantages they have, as long as Anaconda users can take advantage of these advantages, then operating in Python will be fun.

Minggu, 19 Mei 2019

The month of Ramadan is the right momentum to build togetherness, synergity and relationship between the staffs and board of SPE Unhas SC internally and with external parties. This moment of Ramadan is utilized by SPE Unhas SC to collaborate with HMGI region V (Regional Geophysical Student Association V) to develop a high religious tolerance attitude also to strengthen the relationship between students. The activity of SPE Cares (Ifthor Jama'i) was joined with the Iftar event with Children orphanage Nurul Qadri, Jl. Independence Pioneer VI Tamalanrea Makassar. 

In addition to the Board and Staff and the parties from HMGI, also attended the Faculty Advisor of SPE Unhas SC, Mr. Sabrianto Aswad.

The activity begins with several remarks from the orphanage mother who give appreciation and gratitude to SPE Unhas SC and HMGI who have taken the time to share and provide compensation to the children of orphanages that he thinks is very Provide extraordinary benefits and positive energy both from the student and from the orphanage. 

The greeting was continued by the president of SPE Unhas SC Ms. Nurul Azizah Haris, he explained that the event of granting compensation and iftar together was attended by 50 orphans of the foundation Nurul Qadri. "We thank all parties who have supported the implementation of today's activities. This is part of our sense of sharing as a nation's child who has a high concern for others ", he concluded. 

The event ends with Iftar and Maghrib joint. At around 18.50 WITA, the event was closed with prayers and photos with the orphanage children. This activity is expected to bring a great benefit that is the devotion of students to the community. Specifically, the interwoven relationship between the internal parties of SPE Unhas SC with HMGI region V.

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